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Hehr International’s products have long been designed to be serviceable in the field.  This means that complete replacement of a window, door, or other product is often not necessary.  Often, the product can even be repaired without removing it from the wall of the vehicle.


This on-line Field Service Manual has been designed to make field repair as quick and economical as possible.


Some repairs are inherently uneconomic, however.  These include situations involving complete removal of the installed product, major disassembly of it, multiple glass and frame component replacement, and any other instance where the combined labor and parts costs exceed the acquisition cost of a new unit.


Warranties:  Hehr International’s Limited Warranty is printed on the back of every Hehr invoice.  Any Warranty claims must be processed through the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Service and Warranty System.  Because of the wide variety of potential repairs for Hehr products, there is no Standard Hours Repair Schedule.  All Warranty Claims are reviewed for reasonability, completeness and clarity.  Excessive labor times, rates, part costs, and freight will be reviewed and may be denied, wholly or in part.


Window identification:  If it is necessary to order replacement windows or parts, proper identification of the existing window is very important.  All Hehr windows are labeled prior to shipment, however, the label is only accessible by removal of the window from the wall.

As a reasonable alternative, provide the following information  to the factory service center to ease in identification:

1.    The manufacturer’s part number, if known.

2.    The manufacturer’s name, vehicle model and year

3.    A sketch or photo of the window

4.    Outside dimensions of the window flange

5.    Window frame color

6.    Window glass color

7.    If the window is angled, the angle in degrees off the vertical.

8.    If the clamp ring (inside trim) is damaged, the exact wall thickness, including the compressed flange seal being used.


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