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Across the USA and around the world, you'll find quality glass from Hehr-operated glass plants.  Hehr is geographically located to efficiently serve the entire country's window, automotive glass, and architectural glass industries.  Four plants make up the family of Hehr glass: Hehr Glass Company California, Hehr Glass Company Kansas, Hehr Glass Company Michigan, and Janel Glass Company.


Project: Entrance canopy, Carolinas Hospital System, Florence, S.C

Laminate: 1/4-inch beat-strengthened blue-tinted glass and 3/8-inch clear tempered glass with .060-inch PVB interlayer.


Hehr is one of the most well respected fabricators in America of laminated transparency products for architectural and transportation applications. For personal and property protection in public or private spaces, Hehr is a leader in traditional glass laminate constructions as well as sophisticated polycarbonate, glass-clad polycarbonate, bullet-resistant and smash proof laminates. Hehr laminates stand up to the challenges of wind, water, weaponry and wild animals in vertical installations as diverse as zoos, aquariums, baseball parks, prisons and detention centers; in overhead installations for building entrance canopies and skylights; and in open-air bus shelters as well as in automotive and transportation applications.

Years of experience have given Hehr a keen understanding of the unique requirements needed to design and fabricate custom-sized laminated transparency products that are as attractive as they are effective. Using proven techniques and leading-edge equipment, Hehr assembles the highest quality flat glass, polycarbonate and polyvinyl butyral into laminates that provide the visual clarity and performance attributes needed in the most critical and demanding applications. With our jumbo autoclave, laminates as large as 112 by 204 inches are readily produced for animal and aquarium enclosures. Capabilities include standard shapes as well as intricate circles, squares, ovals, rectangles and custom geometric patterns. Please click here to download the Glass Brochure(PDF).

For all your glass requirements and needs, please contact one of Hehr glass companies.




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